Group Feet

One of the BEST benefits at an Arthur Murray Studio is the Group Classes offered to all levels of students.  Its a great way to be introduced to new patterns or dances and also have some fun with your fellow dancers.  Here are some tips for how to make your Group Class a learning tool…


1. Show Up

This one is pretty self explanatory.  If you are not taking advantage of your Group Classes, you are missing out.  Newer students can become nervous or anxious before attending their first class, but don’t let that stop you.  You were brave enough to come into the door and start taking lessons so Group Class will be a piece of cake!


2. Rotate Partners

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Your instructor did not become a great dancer because he/she is more talented.  They are great dancers by dancing with multiple partners all the time.  Rotating partners in Group Class does just that.  Dancing with the same partner or instructor all the time prohibits you in growing your skills.  Getting to practice with new partners lets you know if you are being a clear leader and a sensitive follow.


3. Take Notes

Trying to remember what was taught in Group Class is not always easy.  That’s where having a note book or using your binder comes in hand.  Your personal instructor wants to know if you learned anything fun or have questions about what you learned  in group class so that they can help to further break it down for you.


4. Don’t Seek Perfection

This tip is for the beginners and advanced.  Group Class wasn’t created to master any step or concept.  It is truly meant to introduce new steps and give you some practice on some steps you possibly already know.  It can feel frustrating when you don’t understand a step, but don’t beat yourself up about it.  Go in to each Group Class with the idea of this is meant to introduce me to something new and to have some fun.  The more you seek to enhance your enjoyment of dancing, the more you will get out of Group Class!