“My wife pleasantly surprised me with taking me to Ballroom dance lessons tonight. I was already excited that we could spend quality time together! This was our first time taking lessons. Our instructor Reed was a joy to work with and made feel comfortable despite being brand new to this. The studio is called Arthur Murray Dance Studio (Houston-Cypress) if you want to check them out. These guys are so very nice, patient and professional. One of the other instructors actually worked as one of the trainers on the hit TV show Dancing with The Stars, and is still in high demand.

We had a great time just learning the basics. This was great experience for us and would also be a great experience for couples to connect on a whole new level. This month they are having an introductory price for new students. Get it on it guys!”

Dave Johnson

“Arthur Murray Cypress has been amazing!  They have taken someone who thought they would never dance to someone who feels comfortable on a social dance floor. The instructors are patient and kind, making dance great fun and very rewarding. They guide you to be the best dancer you can be. In addition, you gain numerous friends and an improved quality of life, both of which were a surprise bonus to me. If you want to improve your dancing and overall well being, join Arthur Murray Cypress!”

Susan Miller

“I guilted my husband into taking dance lessons.  I knew it was going to work out fine when we walked in and our instructor was dressed as Mighty Mouse.  We’ve been dancing for 18 months and we are loving it.  We have such fun with the instructors and the other students.  The welcoming atmosphere and the endless patience of the instructors makes every lesson a celebration.”

Michele Dimarcantonio

“While learning to dance, you meet a new circle of friends and so much more.  Ballroom dancing allows you to relax, unwind and share time with your partner, while burning unwanted calories.  Let’s face it; going to the gym would not be nearly as enjoyable.  This has all been so unexpected; after all you just wanted to dance with your partner.”

Linda Richards

“Starting at Arthur Murray over 2 months ago I have met a group of new people that I have really grown to love.  They have brought out in a me a new found confidence that is making me become a much happier person.  With a husband and small child at home, it was always hard to start a new hobby, but I have finally found one that works with all.”

Kari Werner

“My husband and I work long hours at demanding jobs. Plus, for 15 years I was a single mother who worked 3 jobs. My children were the focus of my life and my heart has been broken since they grew up and moved away to be on their own. I have a supportive husband and I get to see my children often, but it’s just not the same. Dance affords me a reprieve from work & missing my kids. Everyone at Arthur Murray has been such a positive influence and I am very grateful to the very kind staff that treat us ALL like family.”

Anonymous Dancer

“I Joined Arthur Murray Cypress in November of 2014, wanting nothing more than to be good at the tango. I attended the “All American” themed showcase where I watched the most beautiful performance of the tango, performed by my dance instructor Christopher Muller and his student Karen. In that particular moment I realized I wanted to become a ballroom dancer at Arthur Murray’s. Today on November 19th, of 2015 I can whole heartedly say I love every single dance I’ve ever learned at Arthur Murray’s, including the tango. I’ve performed a total of six spotlights’ and have gained so much confidence in myself. Albert Einstein once said “Dancers are the athletes of God.” Ballroom dancing is classified as a dance sport, so every time I step on the dance floor I feel like a goddess. I owe it all to Arthur Murray, thank you!”

-Sephra Jackson

“My wife and I had wanted to learn to dance for years but it wasn’t until our daughter’s approaching wedding that we called Arthur Murray Cypress on the recommendation of a friend. We came in with the idea of taking a few lessons to get us ready for the wedding but we quickly realized how much fun we were having and kept on going.


I can’t say enough good things about the instructors-they are true professionals who have passion for what they do. We especially enjoy working with our private instructor. The group lessons are great and the dance parties are always fun. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know the other students as well. We are even participating in some of the competition events. We’re hooked!”

-Dr. Eric Miller, D.D.S

“Having danced for over 5 years, competed in over 40 competitions and performances, over 2400 competition entries, earned 60 pro-am and amateur couples’ ballroom dance titles and look forward to next year should suffice to explain my feelings about dance. My dance experience began out of necessity.  I needed to learn how to dance one dance – for my daughter’s wedding.  Having accomplished that goal, I tried my hand or feet, at competing.  The very first competition whetted my appetite for this type of challenge and opportunity.  As with most things in my life, once I decided to pursue this goal, I was all-in.  Much like my attitude about being a patriotic American, I knew I needed to” put my heart into it or get my butt out”!  There would be no other way for me to approach it. Shortly after my “Dance Journey” began, I started writing a book about it.  The first year the book grew to over 200 pages and could have ended.  The sequel or second year started with picking up where the first year (book) ended.  However, it turned into a “dance diary” and has continued for the past 3 years. There are approximately 1000 pages of my experiences, so far. All true and accurate and some entries are raw and uncensored. All are from the heart. My experience as an amateur pro-am and amateur couples competition dance student have produced similar results of my career as a high school and college athlete and subsequent 10 year professional coaching career.  I have experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows, the thrill of victory and sometimes, the agony of defeat.  It has challenged me, even in my 6th decade of life.  God help me.  I love it. I would rather be a competitor, someone who, although bloodied, covered in sweat and grime from preparation and effort, even in defeat, knows the thrill of the challenge rather than one of those tired and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.  Or, in the words of Garth Brooks, “I can’t abide standing outside the fire”.  I relish being right there in the middle of it, regardless of how tough it sometimes is.  The rewards are worth the effort.”

-John Myers