Country Dancing

Country Western

We have a dance to go with every Country Western song! Dances like the Texas Two-Step, Country Swing, Country Waltz, Shuffle, Polka, West Coast Swing and Night Club Two Step. This is a must learn dance for all our Texans!

Salsa Dancing


Laced with steps from multiple Latin dances, the Salsa is a version of the Mambo with a little more pepper. With a faster and more fiery tempo, it’s high energy and fun for all dancers! Like a Latino Rock and Roll!

Swing Dancing


This popular dance came about during the late 1920’s and really allows you to rock & roll on the dance floor. It was originally known as “The Lindy” after Charles Lindberg with his historic hop over the Atlantic Ocean.

Cha Cha Dancing


Originally the Cha-Cha-Cha, this Cha-Cha dance is an offshoot of another dance called the Mambo. A slow-tempo Mambo was known as the Triple Mambo, but by 1954 it had evolved to it’s own dance. This dance is an all time Latin favorite and is a must style to learn!

Disco Dancing

Disco/The Hustle

More of a “kind” of dance than a specific dance, the Disco has multiple roots in Swing, Cha Cha, Samba, Mambo, Meringue, Tango and Fox Trot. This is more of a free form style and remains one of the most popular dances for socials and night clubs.

Fox Trot Dancing

Fox Trot

This dance was the first dance which permitted people to be closer than an arm’s length while dancing and was invented by Harry Fox in 1912. This was considered “indecent” behavior and was tagged so long before the term “dirty dancing” was coined during the 80s.

Mambo Dancing


A combination of Rumba ad Swing dancing, this popular dance was introduced in 1944 by band leader Anselmo Sacaras. It didn’t really catch on until the 1950s, but it’s still a very prominent dance today!

Tango Dancing


This Latin import was single-handedly danced into nationwide popularity by Rudolph Valentino starting in 1910. With it’s staccato movements, a man’s lead is greatly improved along with a woman’s following or responding ability. The Tango develops a very strong sense of feeling towards music.

Rumba Dancing


A romantic Latin dance with ever increasing popularity, this dance dates back some 400 years and is known as the “get acquainted” dance. The Rumba is also referred to as “the dance with the wiggle”.

Samba Dancing


Started in Brazil, this street festival style dance was brought to the United States in late 1920’s, through a Broadway play called “Street Carnival.”

Waltz Dancing


Originating in Italy, this “Mother of all Dances” began in the 1600’s as The Volte. Almost every wedding reception, holiday party and “black-tie” social formals include the Waltz steps.

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