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An introductory program designed to teach three or four popular social dances. The purpose for this program is to develop timing, movement and help you to differentiate music with dance styles. One of the most important lessons learned during introductory dance lessons is teaching the basics on how to lead and follow in dancing.


The Basic Program is designed to further increase your ability in the four basic dances learned in our Introductory Program. We get you to the level of partner dancing around the dance floor, moving fluidly so your partner can enjoy the dance more. It enhances your lead/follow dance skills and instills confidence, allowing you to get on the dance floor fearlessly.


Our Associate Bronze Program is designed for those wanted to learn at a rapid pace to show off their dance skills soon. You begin to develop free dance floor movement and add much more variety, technique, footwork, and an introduction to styling. These skills help to make your partner comfortable, plus it adds assurance that you are comfortable and looking good on the dance floor. This dance lesson program is popular with people who wish to show their skills on the dance floor this Friday night.


Want to learn social dancing? Our Full Bronze Package develops timing and technique for the nine major Social Dances. The styling learned will make you nice and comfortable on the dance floor. It also strengthens your lead and follow skills, to the point where dancing with any partner keeps you poised and dancing smooth. By the end, you will be very good in dance steps with variations in each dance. All the confidence ever needed on the dance floor will be developed through this program, along with a lasting knowledge of each dance and their elements. This is when dancing becomes fun, because you don’t have to think but can instead enjoy your partner and enjoy dancing. Each phase provides an Arthur Murray Examiner to evaluate your progress. Congratulations! You are now a full-fledged dancer!

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The Silver Program is a higher dance standard because of the degree of styling involved. This standard makes you stand our on the dance floor with flashy dance techniques. Want to glide around the dance floor? Even with many directional changes, we can get you fluid with a partner across the dance floor. Here you develop an individual character through styling – some are “Smooth Dancers” while others decide to become “Latin Dancers”. To develop continuity of movement, more technique is required and learned. The Silver Standard is the beginning, but not the end, of flashy or showy dancing. A Silver dancer from our program is definitely noticeable on any crowded dance floor.


The Gold Standard is for creating the Stars! This standard is strictly for the hobby dancer or an exhibition dancer. With intricate dance patterns, only usable when both dancers really know how to dance. Learn choreography, techniques, styling and showmanship, which are necessities for this level of dance. This standard is not for a crowded dance floor, but the dancers are beautiful to sit and watch with their smoothness and control in dance. A lot of work is involved, if you choose this standard, but you the reward is evident when you truly are regarded as a superb dancer, excelling in any dance that exists.


Arthur’s Kids is a dance program for children, with new and innovative dance lessons. Your child can progress with ease and feels enjoyment through qualified and enthusiastic dance instruction. This children’s dance program is a fun way to introduce music and dance to kids of all ages. The program teaches timing and rhythm for dance and creative movement. Basic dance skills are learned through music games, dance, creative movement and the introduction of popular social dances.

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