Dance Benefits


1. Dancing Can Help Lower Stress Levels

There is a reason your body reacts to music with a head nod, finger or foot tap, or even a full burst into dance. Music and dancing can release stress as you lose yourself in the rhythm, shaking off all that tension and worry!

“I have a very stressful job and find that dancing at Arthur Murray Cypress is a great way to reduce stress. You can totally forget about any negative thoughts while learning to dance in group class. Dancing is a very positive activity and very emotionally up-lifting.”

-Pat Fernandez

2. Dancing Leads to Self-Improvement

When was the last time you felt motivated, inspired, confident and attractive on a regular basis? Dancing has the ability to make you feel excited about yourself every single day. Liven up your life in ways you have never experienced before when you take dance lessons and develop your dance confidence!

3. Dancing Helps You Stay Active Longer

Dance lessons will teach you the basics, but dance practice will give lifelong results. The stretching and exercises will increase flexibility and range of motion for joints. This, along with the endurance developed through practicing dance, will keep you feeling happier and healthier for much longer. Enjoy the exercise you choose and lose yourself in dance! Not only will your bond and memories grow stronger with a loved one, but your body will grow stronger too! Being active with dance will help keep muscles, tendons and ligaments exercising at a comfortable pace. Dance classes and dance lessons are available to teach you at any age.

4. Dance Provides a Social Outlet

Let dancing get you off the couch and meeting new people! Travel to exotic locations or always have a place to go every Friday night, making date nights much more exciting. Make wedding receptions more fun or show off during vacation. Create and nurture friendships with people while you build your own confidence on and off the dance floor.

5. Dancing Stimulates Brain Activity

Ballroom dancing is proven to help you age better over the years. It increases brain activity and slows the aging process, while keeping your body exercising and healthy. Stimulate your mind while you glide across the dance floor with your special someone, or meet a special someone!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does dancing alleviate stress?

Dancing is a mental sport, therefore when you are dancing your brain is thinking about dancing and not the stresses in your life, which helps ease stress levels.

Is dancing a good way to lose weight?

Yes! Combined with diet, it is a type of exercise that can tone and improve health and mental strength.

Does dance count as a sport?

Yes. Dance combines physical activity with skill & finesse. It is an extremely competitive sport, with competitions of all levels taking place around the world.

How can dance benefit us emotionally?

It can connect two people through movement and time spent together. It can help self-confidence from accomplishments in dancing. It can fulfill childhood dreams.

What are the benefits of dance?

There are many benefits of dance detailed on this page!  Ultimately dance helps with: self-confidence, social skills, memory, agility, spending time with a spouse, making a special person happy, plus tons more!

What does dance do for a child?

Dance has tons of positive benefits for children. Dance can improve motor skills, memory, self-confidence, social skills, as well as agility.

How does dance affect the mind?

Dancing can help you with memory, analysis, as well as self-worth. Dance is an all around feel good sport.

How does dance improve social skills?

It keeps you from sitting on the couch all night and gets you out talking and dancing with people.