Wedding Songs for 2016

Wedding Songs for 2016 "What song should I pick for my first dance?"  That's the question all wedding couples will ask each other.  If you have a special song in your relationship that brings back a good memory of you dating, that is a great option to choose.  If you...

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Kentucky Derby Guest Party

  Have you ever wanted to learn to Ballroom dance?  Do you have a special event approaching where music and dancing will be involved?  Does watching Dancing With The Stars make you want to get up and dance?  You are in luck! Arthur Murray Cypress would love to...

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Festival Time is Among Us!!

  Ask anyone at Arthur Murray about Festival and you will see them light up with excitement.  Festival is a six week competition held at every Arthur Murray Studio that celebrates customer service at it's finest!  Festival begins May 2nd.  Sign up to be a sponsor...

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DWTS: Week 1 Lesson

  DANCING WITH THE STARS is back in action for its 22nd Season!!  Just like every season, everyone is so excited to see what fun, new adventures each dancer goes on.  As most of you know, learning to dance isn't about learning to dance.  Dancing teaches us to...

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What is Lead & Following in Dancing?

Lady Says:  What was that? Man Says:  I raised my arm to turn you.  You didn't follow! Lady Says:  I didn't feel you lead me through anything. Unfortunately, we have all had this conversation with our dance partner or we have heard it from others.  The follower was...

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Country Western Two Step: The Most Popular Country Dance

HISTORY The Two-Step is a fairly young dance and truly inspired by American heritage. Originally a version of the Waltz adopted in the mid-1840's, The Two-Step gained popularity as music in the western parts of the U.S. changed to better suit it. It was an offspring...

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