Your Rodeo Playlist

Your Rodeo Playlist


It’s Rodeo Time in Houston!!

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a spectacular event that is enjoyed by many Texans!  For those who love a good concert, the rodeo brings some of the hottest artists to our great city for us to enjoy.  Here are 10 music hits from some of those artists that will be performing and the dances you can do to them.

1. Think of You- Chris Young ft. Cassadee Pope (COUNTRY POLKA)


2. Tonight Looks Good On You- Jason Aldean (COUNTRY TWO STEP)


3. We Are One- Pitbull (MERENGUE)


4. Country Girl Shake It For Me- Luke Bryan (CHA CHA)

 5. Love Done Gone- Billy Currington (E.C. SWING)

 6. Los Huracanes del Norte- Amarte Es Hermoso (NIGHT CLUB TWO STEP)

7. When the Sun Goes Down- Kenny Chesney (POLKA)

 8. Boondocks- Little Big Town (COUNTRY TWO STEP)


 9. Get Your Shine On- Florida Georgia Line (W.C. SWING)

 10. Country Nation- Brad Paisley (COUNTRY TWO STEP)

Austin Showcase 2016

Austin Showcase 2016


Heat Pic

It’s Showcase Time!!  To start the year off, we will be attending the Austin Showcase on March 5th!  Many have already started to prepare for the event and are getting anxious for the big day.  After you have signed your name to the board and have decided the dances you will be executing, the worry of doing everything right starts to set in so much that we tend to forget what a Showcase is meant to do for our dancing.

What is an Arthur Murray Showcase?

A Showcase is a one-day event where students present personalized dance routines.  These routines make an exciting addition to your learning because they allow you to develop showmanship and musical expression along with your social dance skills.  Every Showcase has a dinner and special floor show performed by some of the top dancers in Arthur Murray and the world.


What is Gained in Your Dancing?

Dancing in front of people is the one thing you will allows encounter on a social dance floor, so a Showcase helps to desensitize the fear and gain the one thing all dancers want:  Confidence!


One Thing To Remember…Don’t Seek Perfection!

Perfection does not exist in dancing.  Your teacher doesn’t believe in it and neither should you.  What you should always seek is growth and better understanding of your self and your dancing.  The mere fact that you will be dancing with different couples on the floor gives you an entirely new obstacle.  The best thing you can do is to not get frustrated if someone bumps or nudges you.  Remain calm and shake it off.





Get MORE Out of Your Group Classes

Get MORE Out of Your Group Classes

Group Feet

One of the BEST benefits at an Arthur Murray Studio is the Group Classes offered to all levels of students.  Its a great way to be introduced to new patterns or dances and also have some fun with your fellow dancers.  Here are some tips for how to make your Group Class a learning tool…


1. Show Up

This one is pretty self explanatory.  If you are not taking advantage of your Group Classes, you are missing out.  Newer students can become nervous or anxious before attending their first class, but don’t let that stop you.  You were brave enough to come into the door and start taking lessons so Group Class will be a piece of cake!


2. Rotate Partners

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Your instructor did not become a great dancer because he/she is more talented.  They are great dancers by dancing with multiple partners all the time.  Rotating partners in Group Class does just that.  Dancing with the same partner or instructor all the time prohibits you in growing your skills.  Getting to practice with new partners lets you know if you are being a clear leader and a sensitive follow.


3. Take Notes

Trying to remember what was taught in Group Class is not always easy.  That’s where having a note book or using your binder comes in hand.  Your personal instructor wants to know if you learned anything fun or have questions about what you learned  in group class so that they can help to further break it down for you.


4. Don’t Seek Perfection

This tip is for the beginners and advanced.  Group Class wasn’t created to master any step or concept.  It is truly meant to introduce new steps and give you some practice on some steps you possibly already know.  It can feel frustrating when you don’t understand a step, but don’t beat yourself up about it.  Go in to each Group Class with the idea of this is meant to introduce me to something new and to have some fun.  The more you seek to enhance your enjoyment of dancing, the more you will get out of Group Class!


Waltz: The Mother of All Dances


Considered the mother of present day dances, the Waltz began in southern Germany in the seventeenth century and made its way from England to the United States.  The popularity of the Waltz grew with the music of Johann Strauss and eventually blossomed in the 20th century.  It is the basis for many dances and is popular today all over the world.


The Waltz is written in 3/4 time and has a slow to medium tempo with the musical accent occurring on the first beat of each measure.  The basic count for Waltz is 1,2,3.  Faster tempo Waltz is called Viennese Waltz.  Here are some popular Waltz songs…

  1. Moon River- Andy Williams
  2. Are You Lonesome Tonight- Elvis Presley
  3. Take It To The Limit- Eagles
  4. Come Away With Me- Norah Jones


Waltz teaches you how to use your feet and body to create all the smooth, graceful movements that makes Waltz so beautiful.  As you can see from the clip from “Shall We Dance” it’s a wonderful dance to learn how a partnership works to make dancing look effortless.


Nouveau D’Duo

French Lady

Bonjour!  On Friday, February 5th at 7:00pm, we have an amazing Newsome Twosome we are calling Nouveau D’Duo planned for our studio.  Since February is the month of romance, the theme is From Paris with Love!  For those that are going to take the floor next Friday, here are some tips for making the most of your new dance routine..


Have Your Outfit Ready to Go:  There is nothing more stressful than trying to find the perfect outfit the night before you are to wear it.  Now is the time to have everything picked out from head to toe.  If you are using props or wearing a fun costume, be sure to wear it to a dance session with your instructor before the big day.  That way you know if you can move comfortable and everything works as it should.


Arrive Early:  When you were taking a test in school, we all that moment before the test sheet was handed to you to go over your notes and breathe.  That’s exactly what you will need to do before you dance.  Warm your body up, get hydrated, pump up your friends, and get ready to dance!


Have Fun:  Yes, you knew this one was coming.  However, although you are always told to have fun at Arthur Murray, it’s easily forgotten when you over analyze your routine.  The one thing that can make any dance event better is just to smile and remember you are doing something you never imagined you would be doing.  Dancing is meant to bring not only joy to yourself, but also joy to those around you.


In Conclusion,

Like the artist Irving Berlin wrote, “The best things happen while you’re dancing…”  Allow this Newsome Twosome to be yet another wonderful memory for you to share for years to come.


Why We Like Rumba

This next pre-party dance is going to be rumba. So we decided to ask our instructors what it is they like about it.

Because its so easy to dance and carry on a conversation with your partner. -April

The slower speed allows for more expression of rhythm and musicality. -Chris

Because once you know waltz, you know rumba too, and vice versa. -Kyle

I like it because it’s great to dance to all those melodic ballads of the 1950’s! -Bradley

I like the versatility of the rumba, that because of the slowness of the music you can have a connection with your partner. -Lindsay