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Katy Swing Dance Lessons Taught by Certified Arthur Murray Professionals

Swing dancing is one of the most popular types of dancing around – particularly here in Texas. It’s been around for almost a century, when it used to be known as the Lindy Hop, after Charles Lindberg. It was popularized in the “swing” era of the 1920s. Now there are multiple styles of swing dancing, including:

n  Country swing

n  East coast swing

n  West coast swing

In our swing dance classes in Katy TX, our students learn multiple styles of swing dances.

Foxtrot Dance Classes in Katy TX

The foxtrot is a popular ballroom dance. It may look simple, but doing it properly requires some practice and the guidance of experienced professionals. Our Katy TX foxtrot dance classes are taught by certified Arthur Murray choreographers. After your Katy Foxtrot dance lessons, you’re sure to look smooth and graceful on any dance floor – whether you’re going to a wedding or other special event or just want to impress your date on a night out.

While the foxtrot looks pretty tame by today’s standards, when it was created by Harry Fox over a century ago, it was actually the first dance in which couples danced closer than arm’s length apart. It was even considered indecent by some people.

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Whether you’re interested in Katy swing dance lessons, foxtrot lessons or learning another style of dance, contact us for more information and to find out about our special introductory offer for new students. Whether you want to learn as a couple, make it a group activity or you want to join just to have fun and meet new people, you’ll have a great time, gain confidence and get a good workout without even realizing it. We look forward to hearing from you for Katy swing dance lessons!

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