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Our Cypress Ballroom Dance Lessons Will Give You Confidence on the Dance Floor

Are you going to be attending any weddings this summer? How about Quinceanera celebrations, anniversary parties or other formal events? Don’t forget the holiday parties you’ll be invited to later in the year by friends and business associates.

Wouldn’t you like to take a spin around the dance floor without feeling self-conscious? At Arthur Murray, we have over a century of experience teaching people to do all sorts of dances. Our ballroom dance classes in Cypress TX are among our most popular – particularly our Cypress waltz dance classes.

Let Us Teach You the “Mother of All Dances”

The waltz has been around for centuries. It’s still a staple at formal events. It may look simple, but doing it right takes some training. Our certified Arthur Murray choreographers can teach you the steps and form you need to look graceful out on the dance floor.

Whether you decide to make your Cypress waltz dance lessons a group activity with friends, a chance for you and your spouse or significant other to get out and do something fun, or something you do on your own to meet new people, you’ll have a good time!

The Benefits of Ballroom Dance Lessons in Cypress TX

Our Cypress ballroom dance lessons do more than teach you an important social skill. Dance lessons provide:

  • Greater self confidence in social situations
  • Exercise and other health benefits
  • A fun activity to share with your partner

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Whether you’re interested in our Cypress ballroom dance lessons or one of the more than 30 dances of all styles that we teach, give us a call. Ask about our special introductory offer for new students!

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