Sugar Land Shuffle Dance Lessons

Arthur Murray Dance Center

Do you enjoy private lessons? Looking for a more social setting with group dance lessons? Lucky for you, at our Arthur Murray Dance Center we offer both private and group Sugar Land Shuffle Dance Lessons. Our trained professional dancers will have you and your friends shuffling like a deck of cards in no time!

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Shuffle Dance Classes in Sugar Land TX

Also known as the Melbourne shuffle, the dance originated for nightclub and house dancing. It is a simple but aesthetically appealing dance used in two main styles: the T-step and Running Man. You could be the spectacle of the show after our shuffle dance classes in Sugar Land TX.

Private and Group Sessions Available

Not sure whether or not to start out with people around? We offer Sugar Land private shuffle dance lessons to take care of that! No matter your level, let us help you tune up those dancing feet of yours so you can get out there and shuffle with the best of them. Our Sugar Land shuffle dance lessons will have you working one-on-one with a trainer to get you dancing like a pro as soon as possible.

If you are ready for the group scene, our top tier group shuffle dance classes in Sugar Land TX will show you what it means to have music bring people together. With people of all levels taking the class, you will able to see other people shuffle on the dance floor and you can learn a new move or two from a classmate.

Contact Arthur Murray in Sugar Land

Give us a call or email, and let us get you signed up for one of our Sugar Land shuffle dance lessons for a time that works on your schedule! Again, we offer both private and group shuffle classes that span across all dancing skill levels. We look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you shuffle into our studio!