Katy Latin Salsa Dance Classes


Whether you’re new to the dance world, or you’ve been cutting the rug for decades, the instructors of our Katy Latin dance classes will teach you the proper salsa techniques so that you can dance like the stars!

If you’re looking for Latin dance lessons in Katy TX that will get you positive results almost immediately, then contact us!

Arthur Murray Dance Studios has been in the business of teaching proper dancing technique for more than 100 years. We’ve been in the business longer than some styles of dancing! Our expert choreographers have proven themselves on the dance floor in professional competitions, and now they’re showing countless other dancers how to harness that level of performance through expert instruction in our Katy Latin dance classes.

Katy Salsa Lessons for Dancers of All Ages and Abilities!

From beginners to long-time performers and anyone in between will strongly benefit from our salsa dance lessons in Katy TX. Our programs will allow you to see great improvements in your techniques and educate you in the fundamental movements and steps for any style of dance. In addition to the salsa lessons in Katy TX, our choreographers also teach programs in the styles of:

  • Classic Ballroom styles, such as the Cha-Cha, Fox Trot, Waltz and Rumba
  • More Contemporary styles like Country Western, Disco or the Hustle
  • And MANY MORE!

Our Katy Latin dance lessons are offered in both private instructional settings and larger classes to accommodate the different types of learning styles for our pupils. Whether you prefer a group setting or a more hands-on connection with our instructors, our Katy salsa dance classes have it all!

Currently, we offer a free introductory lesson for the first year, so why wait any longer to learn the dance you’ve always dreamed of? Sign up today for our Katy Latin dance classes!


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